In Motivation Menu today , I’m gonna talk about our independence day. That’s our Jashn e Azaadi . Date 14th August. So , let’s get started. Motivation comes from within us . Yes ! It does. And when it’s our day of independence . Something internally in us encourages us , push us even at times kick us to do something big for our beloved country. Motivates us to do every possible thing we can do for our country’s betterment and progress. We feel so so patriotic on this day especially like we’ve just migrated with our ancestors from India and settled in our own land , Pakistan.

But I wanna ask few questions by viewing today’s situation of our dear homeland and most importantly our youth ….

Are we really together ? Or its just a dream ?

Are we really an independent nation? Or its just a false hope?

Are we really united ? Or its just an idea ?

This 14th of August don’t just show your patriotism through social media, but instead of that try and understand the real importance of this day. The real meaning of this particular day of independence. This day feel yourself. Feel your identity. Feel your independence. Feel the freedom.

The real need behind this big day was not just a demand for a separate state but to show the world that we were, we are and we will be a single independent nation forever. And don’t just say proud of being a Pakistani but instead be a Pakistani , become a Pakistani that people are proud of , the whole Pakistani nation is proud of.

Be a Pakistani and define who you are ! Define your meaning of your independence ! Define your meaning of your freedom !

This day don’t just sit at home and watch national television programs like a normal day. Celebrate this day ! Make this day feel like it should be felt. Make this as memorable one and as much remember able as you can.
We are Pakistan !
We are one nation.
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Asalam o alaikum & Khussh amdeed!

Our specialty in today’s Motivation Menu is


Everyday when you wakeup, feeling tired, feeling annoyed, at times not feeling like feeling anything.

But just remember that each day you do not wakeup for someone else to identify your mood swings and bloody care for them . You just have to be your own caretaker. You just have to wakeup from your clumsy and never ever gonna come true dreams if you still be the same each day.

You behave like a machine or something because each day you wakeup to live the next 9-5 the same way. You take just 2 days off from your work to live the next 5 days the same f***ing way. You do not like Monday’s. You wait the entire week for Friday’s or for weekends. You actually do not hate Monday’s , you do not love your job or love your work or anything that you do in your everyday life. You do not love the process honestly. You do not want to taste the essence of the process. And unless you do not taste that essence you cannot achieve what your heart desires.


Because you are an idiot. This is not what you dreamt for. This is not what you want. This is not what it is to live a life. This is not what you ever wanted. This is not what is making you happy and obviously you cannot be because this is not what you want to achieve . Your heart desires for something more , something worthy. That you feel accomplished. That you feel content. That you feel happy.


▪ Do I feel content and happy with everything I do ?

▪ Is there anything that needs to be change ?

▪ If something needs to be so ,What needs be changed ?

▪ Am I even able to make a change ?

▪ How can that particular change makes me satisfied ?

All these queries makes you even more confused and everything seems so much messed up, complicated and nothing else. But these are the questions that we need to ask ourselves .

Yes ! This is it ! This is the time !

You gotta get out of your so called life that is your routine and answer yourself these questions , with all honesty.

Look ! Being honest with your ownself is one of the toughest ever thing to do so but you gotta have to have some guts for this because it is all about you. It is about your own happiness , it is about your own satisfaction. It is about your damn life.

When it is about happiness it is not always about wealth, fame ,vacations etc. Basically it is all about being in love with your inner self first and foremost. Being in love with your inner beauty , being in love with whatever you do which makes you happy is what makes you content and satisfied. That is what is called being happy. And what I believe is that ,

“There is no mantra for happiness if you find happiness in whatever you do and you do it with all your love and heart.”




It is to be honest while answering those above mentioned questions.



Answer these questions just in one go , do not over think because you might get confused.



After answering these questions now think about that particular thing which is nothing but just a crap (unimportant) but still it is in your priority list.


After you find out that unimportant priority , think about to replace it with something you like and gives you happiness doing that. Because what I believe is that people cannot just immediately change their habits at once , they can replace them with something good and productive .


After replacement , make it a habit that you will start your each day doing something new , good and productive. It really helps you to find your passion , it helps you to expose yourself to learn and be someone who is always ready and eager to learn something new.



Each new day , learn something new. It will definitely help you to meditate. It will provide you with inner calmness, peace and patience. And you will feel free and easy.

Always remember !

Happiness is not something that you can earn easily , it is a feeling that can only be felt when you are in love with yourself and in love with whatever you do. So , if you wanna be happy and wanna find happiness just love and just love . And start with yourself and then you can spread happiness and only happiness everywhere.

Ask yourself these questions and start with yourself today. Just a small message of love and happiness from a loving fellow. Hope you guys find this blog helpful and interesting too and appreciate my efforts in your commenst below. I would love to read them .

Jazak Allah

“Self Acceptance”

Asalam o alaikum & Khussh amdeed!

Our speciality in today’s Motivation Menu is


Try and Accept yourself . Acceptability is really a huge thing and when it comes to accepting your ownself including your good and your bad is the toughest ever thing to do so.

You guys must be wondering


So , Let me clear it all out :

▪ It is the process of understanding your own self.

▪ Understanding your value , your worth , your behaviour towards yourself first and then with everyone .

▪ Understanding of your own actions and where you stand because of them .

▪ Acceptance of your mistakes and then helping yourself to overcome them .

▪ Accepting yourself in every aspect first and foremost because you are your own priority .

And then comes the rest of the world. Like we usually talk about change . That we wanna change this or that , but you believe it or not , eventually it all starts from yourself , from your ownself . Like charity begins from home . Change begins from you. Your acceptance begins from you . The day you accept your individuality , your behaviour as an individual with your family , in this society, than your responsibility as an individual, is the day the world will accept you and your individual identity. And for that it does not mean that you gotta change yourself in anyway.




You just first have to prepare yourself to accept yourself with everything you possess even with your mistakes .



And after you do that so give yourself a pat at back and appreciate yourself for accepting your mistakes because you cleared the first step for your own betterment while most of us cannot even dare to do that.



When you accept yourself the way you are it gives you even more confidence to overcome your mistakes , to be a better version of yourself , to become an individual whose aware about his do’s and don’t’s .



So if you , as an individual believe in yourself and your abilities then you are able to accept the way you are and accept the change you make for your own goodness . You are ready to accept the challenges the future is going to offer you. Which makes you a prepared individual.



It acts as some kind of meditation . It works like some sort of a magic. And then you will see how it looks like , you will feel how it feels like just a small self awareness of self acceptance evaluates such a great postive attitude in you . To view the world with such optimism. That is how your outlook changes .



You will be much relaxed and even more self awared about yourself. And you will definitely be more confident than before. That is what self acceptance is all about.



Some might even call it a change but let’s call it a progressive change towards a better direction , a better life ,a better future. A direction that you chose to walk on . A direction that leads you towards your dream destination .

I have done my part . Now it is your turn to think , analysis and then decide that are you going to take the journey to self acceptance now ?

Let’s talk about it in the comments below .

So wraping up I hope that you guys find this blog interesting and abit helpful . And appreciate my efforts through your comments below . I would love to read them .

Jazak Allah

Second chance or Problems ?

Asalam o alaikum ! Hey guys !

Our speciality in today’s Motivation Menu is


” Sometimes there in no next time, no time outs, no second chances.”

They say life does not gives you another chance but this is not the case at all . Whether you believe it or not every second, each minute ,every moment in life is different which is another chance . A new chance . A fresh start maybe . A chance to review our reactions over our actions. Which gives us hope to be 1% better version of ourself than the past minute. And that is how simple it is.

Life do give you another chance . We just have to take time to understand and utilize our time our best for our own betterment and happiness. So if you understand it , feel it , then it means you believe in it. And you do hope for your own betterment.

I know some of you might not agree with the fact that it is not that simple .
But you know what is the most important thing is that how we see our problems ? How we perceive them ? and then comes , How we deal with it ?

Basically what we should do is to act and what we actually do is we react . If we want solutions to our worries then we should also think in a positive practical way to deal with it . Then only we can solve whatever the matter is.

So all and all it only depends upon us how we view everything in this world . From problems like a tiny flower to problems like high mountains.

I have read somewhere that ” You can only be happy if you really want to be .”

So , Just saying be positive , be positive is not enough . Being actually positive is a big deal nowadays . So instead of focusing on to be positive start focusing on being positive. It will definitely help you out alot.

“Your sickness is from you, but you don’t perceive it & your remedy is within you , but you do not sense it. You presume you’re small entity but within you is enfolded entire universe . You are indeed the evident book. By those alphabets the hidden becomes manifest. Therefore you do not need to look beyond yourself. What you seek is within you , if only you reflect.”
– Imam Ali (AS)

So wraping up I hope that you guys find this blog interesting and abit helpful and appreciate my efforts through your comments below . I would love to read them .

Jazak Allah

Introduction to Motivation Menu

Asalam o alaikum !

So Guys ! Khussh amadeed 😊 to everyone out there . I hope all of you are having a good day .

I’m Yemeen Zehra .

Welcome to my blog .


So here’s it , finally ! It’s been quiet a long time since I’m working on something really interesting , creative and I’m sure it’ll be helpful for you all too. I just got so much addicted to now. And that’s writing blogs and exploring about Self Awareness , Self Realization, Self detoxification and Self Motivation and stuff all regarding that. Basically all about knowing ourselves in depth.

As I’ve a deep affection in knowing about the human mind , emotions ,their actions, their problems and the ways to deal with them. I thought why not share my views and what I observed and express myself and voice my thoughts about the things which just randomly goes in my mind.

Likewise we often try to find peace , happiness and satisfaction in temporary things or actions which provides us with temporary amount of contentment . And then we feel left out , lonely, again depressed and stressed out etc.

WHY ? It’s simply just human nature , it desires for permanent peace rather than temporary one and that can only be achieved through some permanent actions . And that means through working on your own self and making efforts for your own better life and better future.

Permanent satisfaction cannot be earned by doing a particular work or action for a particular time period but it can be earned on regular basis .Likewise , when you meet anyone greet them with a huge smile on your face and with all the energy you have, this way your positive energy will eventually be transfered into that person and you’ll receive the same reaction with the same amount of energy you put in. And this way you can make your each and everyday much happier, more positive and productive too.

So here, what you guys can find in my blogs ?

▪ What is your thinking and perceptions and how does they get affected ?

▪ How to overcome the attack of negative vibes and incorporate positive vibes ?

▪ How to maintain the believe in yourself ?

▪ How to make the most out of yourself ?

So, I hope you guys like this idea of mine or at least find it helpful for yourself. Because here I’m gonna talk about your internal growth of your peace of mind and detoxifying the negativity that you deal with your day to day life.

So wrapping up , I hope you guys like this blog, find it interesting and helpful too. And appreciate my efforts through your comments below . I would love to read them .

Jazak Allah