Assignment No.1: VS-342 ARCH


A sculpture that depicts a positive state of mind.

What I selected to translate?

I decided to work on the idea of being grateful for all the blessings we have. The Almighty has blessed us with a lot, it is only our desperation of wanting more and more. Better and the best than others around us. Forgetting what we already are blessed with. Not celebrating the fact that we are given enough and we should be content with it. And that we all should be thankful to the Almighty.



The difference in levels portrays, how we compare our achievements and blessings with others. How we tend to underestimate and disappoint ourselves. Whereas we do not see the positive side of it. Likewise, all the blocks are standing straight on thier own support. It takes a lot of courage to believe in yourself and stand with confidence without any external support. Being grateful to the Almighty for the countless blessings that he has given us is something we should all look forward to.



The material I have choosen is Cork. It is an Eco friendly material. It is light weight. Highly compressive with great resilience. Resistance to moisture and liquid penetration. Highly frictional material. Low thermal conductivity is also a key characteristic of cork. It is used for walls, flooring and also to enhance facade at times.

Cork is taken through the bark of tree. That way no trees are harm, and desforestation is controlled. Which we can assume as the tree will be so grateful because of the fact that it contributes to the environment with all that it has, it bears the pain of the bark cutting but keeps growing, the external factors do not disturb its growth. Different trees like neem tree, mango tree etc contribute through thier fruit and medicinal uses but be it any tree, through bark cork is been extracted, processed and used for a variety of purposes.



Asalam o Alaikum & Khussh Amdeed !
Are you having difficulty in paddling your own canoe of 2019 ?

I know many of you punctual people might have started 2019 as per their schedule. But to the people belonging to my category that is procrastinators, do not worry at all. I have worked for you guys. I know it is quiet a difficult job to come up with a list of impossible resolutions and to actually follow them. So, here I’m going to show you guys 10 possible, must and much needed resolutions that we can and we should all work on to follow.


The first reminder for New Year 2019 is to remind yourself that I am beautiful, inside and out. Whether you’re dark, whether you’re short, whether you’ve cruly hair, you are beautiful in your own skin. And still complete with all the imperfections. Acknowledge your possibilities and your imperfections both. And that’s the beauty, beauty of Self Acceptance. Just, remember ! You are beautiful the way you are.

“Life is an ongoing journey of complete imperfections. Hustle, enjoy the process but don’t forget to live.”
 -Yemeen Zehra


When we talk about New Year Resolutions, we usually consider that we’ll put a fullstop to all our unhealthy habits and take a fresh start. Adopt much healthier habits. So, let me you remind you that we cannot just simply STOP something we considered for a long time as our habit. But we can CHANGE or SWITCH that any particular habit with something much better for us. So, this year Switch off all the unhealthy habits of yours and turn on all the healthy habits.

Be eager and always try to find reasons to celebrate, enjoy and for fun. Be happy, go on for adventures. Be positive and laugh more.

“Life is too short to give a damn, enjoy and smile till you have teeth.”



The thing we’re lacking in our culture is respect. Respecting difference of opinions. It’s not necessary to always agree with everyones point of views but to respect each other’s perspective is more important. Today we can’t even bear to even stand and listen quietly to other people around us having different views. Respecting individuals regardless of difference of opinions is much needed.


New Year means new beginning, a new start of you as an individual, each year. A new start which initiates a good deed in you or maybe a good habit in you. Learning is something which is always new, different and unique. Each time you give something new a try. Each time you step out of your comfort zone and do something out of the box, you learn something new. Which gives you an immense pleasure and exposure to tryout alot of new things and experiment as well.

6. CALM YOURSELF :Patience is utmost important of all. When we talk about patience, it does not mean that in situations of anger or frustration only. But actually to calm your nerves down. To stop over thinking and worrying. It is very difficult for you when you’re living a very stressful life. But to calm your mind and yourself down is very necessary, to keep you away from the taboo called DEPRESSION.


Ignorance is the best possible solution to the kinda situations you don’t like and prefer not to be involved in and want to avoid but you possibly cannot. Non sense talks, gatherings having no productive solutions is of no use. We at times go through these kinda tough situations, where we cannot avoid someone’s inappropriate behavior or talk and where we also somehow get involved into, trouble ourself. And then we become a victim of it. So, it is much better to ignore nonsense as much as possible.

8. DO YOUR BEST :Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Be consistent, be focused and give your 100%. And you’ll succeed. Focus more on your strengths, rather than crying on the opportunities you leftout. Take risks and challenge your potentials. Remember ! You’re capable enough to face every obstacle coming your way. You just gotta  remind yourself that you’re worth it.

 9. PRAY :Prayer is very powerful. It’s really effective and worth doing. Directing towards the Almighty feels esthetically beautiful and peaceful at the same time. Directing basically means talking all your heart out. It detox your mind. It calms you down. You feel much relaxed and better.

10.  BE GRATEFUL TO THE ALMIGHTY :We say thank you when we receive any present. Similarly, when you wakeup this morning, you opened your eyes, did you said Thank you to the Almighty ? 

Do you even realize that you’re been gifted each day a new life ? Full of possibilities and new opportunities for the next upcoming 24 hours, which means you are very lucky. And now you’ve got a year, which means 365 days, 365 new opportunities. Make every day yours, make each second count. Make it happen. Now or never !

“Will tomorrow be another day or your day ? Think about it !”

So, wrapping up ! I wish that you guys have an amazing year ahead. And I hope you guys like this blog and appreciate my efforts through your comments below. I would love to read them. 

Thank you.

Jazak Allah.


Asalam o Alaikum & Khussh Amdeed !

One day to go for New Year 2019. So, before you guys get busy in your New Year Festivities, do give this post a read and do comment below with #happynewyear2019

Shoutout to all the opportunities that we availed this whole year, and also to all the opportunities that knocked our door but we couldn’t recognize them.

Cheers ! To all the productive days and bubbye to the failures, regrets and sad days but also thanks to all the lessons that we learnt from them.

Good bye ! To all the unhealthy feelings, emotions and the days that we’ve been through this year.

Cherish ! Be happy ! Acknowledge yourself and Appreciate everything around you. Spread love, and the posivity that you want to see everywhere. Start now and start with yourself. 

This 2019 welcome yourself with all your heart. For being you, for being yourself. Without any fear or worries of tomorrow.

“We fear death but we don’t live life .”

So now don’t just breath, live each moment, enjoy every moment, go on for adventures and face challenges.

2019 bring it on !

Take a fresh start, start from where you think you’re lacking, overcome your fears, challenge yourself that you would be much much better this year. And that you won’t giveup easily, you’ll fight, yes ! You’ll fight from your fears, for yourself.

Here’s wishing you guys the best and the bestest you’ve ever had in your life.

Merry Christmas and A very Happy New Year to each one of you.

Do read, comment and continue to follow my blogs on WordPress and on Instagram as well.

Thank you.

Jazak Allah.

Lots of love & best wishes,

From your friend

Yemeen Zehra


Asalam o alaikum & Khussh Amdeed !

In Motivation Menu, today we have some relationship stuff to discuss.( Here, I’m going to talk about every relationship whether that’s parents and children, husband and wife or between siblings ) So, let’s begin.

Break the restriction barrier from your relationships. We live in an age where we all have or might have gone through trust issues at some point of our lives. And due to that trust issues we created restrictions for ourselves and for the people around us, who care for us and who we care for. And that restriction barrier restrained not only us but also created a gap that distanced us from our beloved ones in our lives.

21st century, the age of technology and advancement we have started making new relationships much quicker on social media rather than in our personal lives. We have transformed our real life into reel life. And that initiated trust issues between us which is ending up our relationships very easily these days.

What basically we are doing is that we are restricting our loved ones, always yelling at them or reminding them again and again about the do’s and don’ts like a small kid.

Making someone understand is a different thing but forcing your opinion on your partner or any member of your family is totally not done. You guys are in a relationship, not in a prison. Don’t make your partner or any member of your family feel suffocate. Provide him or her their space that they deserve.

Don’t just impose your opinions that they should do this not that. But try and make them understand if you really think that it’s very very important for them to realize, other than that don’t. Please! Don’t toxic your relationship with anyone by restricting them to certain things. They aren’t a small kid. Everyone is mature enough.

Not everyone is always ready to just bow down and simply follow up all the orders of their partners.

Each one of us likes having their own space to breathe, to live, to make decisions, to make choices and stuff.

But who are we to restrict them ?

Look! When you care for someone, when you love them you want them to be happy, to grow. And that can only be happen if you give them their space. Restricting someone not to talk to other girls or boys, or wearing modest clothing is totally and honestly imposing your thoughts and opinions on your partner.

When you have complete trust and faith in your partner, you don’t need to restrict them to certain things. In fact you allow them and encourage them to be more confident in whatever they do. You not only acknowledge them but also appreciate what they do. And that’s not only being supportive but actually it’s more encouraging. And that’s the thing we are lacking in our culture. The lack of encouragement. Because we’re being supportive and not encouraging. If we start appreciating and encouraging more often, we’ll have a much better understanding with our partners. We’ll both not only listen to each other but we’ll also understand each other’s perspective and opinions as well. And that’s more important and much needed these days.

Look! If you think that your partner really really needs to understand something, than there are ways to make them understand. Without even forcing them. ( Here, I’m talking about every relationship whether that’s parents and children, husband and wife or between siblings.)

■ How to make them understand ?

▪ Provide them thier space :

Providing your partner thier space to breathe, to relax is first and foremost. It’s the most important thing. It actually works the most. If you are constantly around them and nagging to force your opinion onto your partner, he or she won’t even listen to you. When you give them some space and distance yourself abit, you’ll see them wanting to talk to you or wanting to spend some quality time with you. That’s the distance secret.

▪ Stop Nagging :

Stop nagging. Stop pointing out flaws and mistakes everytime. Talk about some positive stuff, start your conversations indirectly with some productive things and then discuss what you want to say.

▪ Acknowledge small small things & efforts :

Acknowledging is highly recommended. When you acknowledge someone’s growth, thier achievement or anything, they feel good. And if you want someone to be interested in what you say, you have to be also interested in whatever they say or do.

▪ Appreciate & Encourage them :

That’s the only thing the every human wants to hear on this planet. He wants to hear good stuff about himself. Well, that’s not self-obsession, that’s only a wish, a desire that we all have in common. When you praise someone they definitely feel good and plus they listen more carefully and attentively to what you say. So, then you can try out and say what you want to add on or change.

So, this is it. I literally don’t have any idea how I came up with this topic. But I really hope that you guys don’t comment but at least try and understand what I wanted to deliver it to you guys. I just felt that people need to know this, to understand their relationship much better with any member of thier family.

So, wrapping up ! I hope that you guys like this blog or at least find it interesting and appreciate my efforts through your comments below. I would love to read them.

Thank you !

Jazak Allah.


Asalam o Alaikum & Khussh Amdeed !

In Motivation Menu today we have


وہ بچپن تھا کے جب شام ہوا کرتی تھی
اب تو صبح کے بعد سیدھی رات ہوتی ہے

Translation : It was our childhood when we used to have so much fun playing untill evening, And now it’s just night after every morning.

This phrase has become our reality. Yes ! It is !
We have changed so much over the years in so many ways, making so many excuses claiming it as our reasons.
Remember ! We grew up saying that we’ll have fun when we’ll grow up. When we’ll grow up we’ll have so much time and freedom to do so much, to achieve so much.
But where are we now ?
We have all grown-up now. So called responsible adults and happily legal also. But

  • Are we happy ?
  • Are you having fun ?
  • Do you enjoy this freedom ?
  • Are you satisfied with your life & with all your doings ?

This list of questions might have loaded you with a lot of mind opening realities.
If not now but soon it will open up your mind to view alot more deeply into yourself and your ground reality. Where you stand today ? And where you will be in your future ?

If you understand this today then you can work and get yourself into a better and a happy future ahead. The main question is that


Basically because we are not satisfied with everything that we are blessed with and secondly we are also not content with what we have achieved till date. We still are craving for more and more. Better and the best than the others around us. And that’s not something very bad but actually in between all this we forget or ignore and don’t realize the importance of the achievements we had up till now. We forget to acknowledge ourself, our blessings and our achievements. We don’t analyze that it is also very necessary to wait, relax, breathe and appreciate yourself. It is very important to acknowledge your worth at your place.

If you don’t only acknowledge your worth, how you’ll be able to prove this to the world out there ?

If you don’t have time to appreciate your efforts , to acknowledge your hardships, learn from your failures and be happy on your success, then who the hell are you ?

Just a so called ” ADULT “.


Who said there’s a time alloted to be happy or have fun. There’s a very nice quotation

You can only be happy , if you really want to be .

Who says that you have to take out time to have fun. No ! It’s not like that. Happiness is simply being happy at your place. Whether you are at your home or your office.

● If you are content or even if you are loaded with lots of work or stuff just simply switch off your phone. Yeah ! Shocked ? Switch it off and play a nice song and dance for a minute. Put your hands up in the air and just dance. It makes you feel happy and you enjoy that.

● If not listening and dancing to a song makes you feel happy then switch that off too. And walk into your gallery or balcony, put your hands up in the air and close your eyes. Breathe in the air and listen to the sounds of your surrounding. It’ll be abit noisy as living in a city is always very noise polluted, you know that. But just for a minute or 2 just zone out into somewhere else. You’ll definitely feel abit calm and relaxed for sure.

● Order something you like whether that’s food or clothing etc. It just makes you happy and your mood changes so quickly. That’s something I’ve also tried the most.

Spend some quality time with your family or your loved ones. Spending time with your family, talking to them, sharing some old good memories of fun and adventures with them is just so good. You enjoy the most with them. You express yourself more openly and comfortably with them because of the bond you share with them.

● Call a friend or plan out for a get together. It’s just an amazing plan. But the reality is that it never gets done when you have friends like who just make every get together impossible always. But just try it once. If your plan goes on then you’ll definitely enjoy your time with them. And you’ll be happy.

● Read something. Being alone and reading a nice book whether it’s motivational, spiritual, rom-com or anything you like makes you feel very calm and relaxed at the same time. That’s also something that I think is also very necessary along with being happy is to feel calm, patient and peaceful. Reading actually gives your mind vision to see and think critically alot more beyond your imagination.

● Pray. Prayer is very powerful. It’s really effective and worth doing. Directing towards the Almighty feels esthetically beautiful and peaceful at the same time. Directing basically means talking all your heart. It detox your mind. It calms you down. You feel much relaxed and better.


” Make your day productive instead of making it busy.”

We always give this lame excuse that we’re busy with this at the moment, busy with that after this and stuff.

But my question is that, are you being productive or just being busy ?

I mean Being busy also means wasting your time into something useless as well and sometimes in some very mandatory work as well. But being productive actually is doing something that is at the moment benefiting someone or yourself in anyway. Being productive is actually a big deal nowadays. Because we are not being productive. We’re just busy working like robots.

Come on man ! We are humans with feelings and emotions. We should have time for ourself. The #metime. In which you enjoy your existence. Celebrate your being. And simply cherish being yourself.


Yeah ! You have weekends for fun but just think for a second that if you don’t get those weekends. If Godforbide something bad happens or you got to work on your weekends due to your rude boss than what will happen ?

Have you ever thought about this ?

Think now ! You say you don’t have time for fun things. I’m saying to you now, yes ! You don’t know what’s up there for you to face tomorrow. Live up today. Have fun ! And don’t wait for fun things to happen. Make it happen today. Right now ! Go and just enjoy !

Now I’ve given you guys alot of fun things to do and also discussed some of the situations which we face in our everyday life struggling in search of peace and happiness. So now just let go off all your baggage, be happy and just enjoy !

So wrapping up ! I Hope that you guys like this blog. Find it interesting or a bit helpful and appreciate my efforts through your comments below. I would love to read them. Thank you !
Jazak Allah


Asalam o alaikum & Khussh Amdeed !

Our specialty in today’s Motivation Menu is


I remember waking up late some mornings and getting ready in all hurry and skipping my breakfast. And my mom yelling at me for that , as I step out of my home.

Remember in School ?
When you didn’t completed your home assignment and because of that you bunked and escaped from your class with your friends.

Remember ?
When you were having some family problems at your home and your friend asked you about that and you denied and said ,” Everything is fine.”

Remember ?
When you had fight with your friend , you cried that day as well but you didn’t told anything about this to your mom because she was also dealing with so much everyday.

Remember ?
When you were in love with someone , you adored that person alot but didn’t spoke and expressed your feelings to that person just because you didn’t want to ruin your friendship .

I just want to tell you that , It’s nothing to escape from. It’s nothing to hide or feel anyway upset , sad , guilty or ashamed about. Because even we all have at some point of life have also gone through all these kinda situations.

Like this we all at each and every second day run away or escape from various things in various ways for various reasons .

Yes ! We do all escape. We escape making illogical excuses , doing lots of melo drama, shedding tears all night. Escaped from accepting the reality and endup denying our own true feelings and then fell into being emotionally devastated .

And the best part is that we still do this. Yes ! We still do repeat this. We have made this thing our habit and we try our best to escape in any possible way from so many complicating and problem creating things occuring in our day to day life.

Because what we showoff to people is that we blindly believe that ,” I am brave enough to face every obstacle coming in my way.”

But what we actually do and have full fledge faith is that the best way to face every problem is to just simply escape from it .

Bravo! What a wonderful idea, idiot!


The more we escape from the situation considering that it’s the best possible solution to ignore it rather than to face it , it becomes much more complicated for us only. The more you hide your emotions , your feelings inside yourself the more it becomes painful and terrible for you and yourself only.

I am not saying to be completely open up to everyone everytime. But do not keep yourself quiet to that extent that you might endup being depressed. Because these days the ratio of people suffering from depression is much much higher than the people suffering from deadly diseases . Depression is a silent killer. It is taking up lives much more easier and quicker than the diseases like Cancer these days.

Every life , each one of you reading this blog is important. You might be not as much important and prior to the people you have kept before yourself and loved more than yourself.

But, yes ! You are important to some people. And for that some people you mean the world to them. They honestly care for you. They feel for you. They really love you and respect you. And they will never let you down. Live for them. Because they truly deserves you and you truly deserve their love, affection and care.

But just don’t escape. Face every phase of your life as you face the taunts of your mother, teacher and boss each day with a forced smiling face. Every phase of your life is a step towards your own progress and betterment. Because you learn something new on each step , each day. This learning journey will definitely lead you to the goal of your life.

Its not that if you escape the problem itself , you will be much relaxed but actually if you escape/skip any step, you will then face a new problem each day. Escaping doesn’t get you to the target much quicker but actually it makes your way to the target far more complicated than you would have ever thought about it.


Tryout finding for solutions or just reach out for some better options rather than to just run away from them. Here are some few options listed below :


You cannot just easily giveup and just simply move on by saying that I’ve tried alot and cannot deal with it anymore. Trying is nothing like you couldn’t make up to that but trying is actually what is making you more perfect in that. That you will be able to handle this kinda situation if it ever comes again in your path.


When you escape it means that you don’t have complete faith in yourself and in whatever you do. So, having complete faith in yourself is first and foremost. And then having full confidence in whatever you do is also very necessary.


If you cannot deal with whatever the matter is and you become hopeless and started looking for some way to get out of this. Then you are being coward because you are looking for the wrong option here. You should try and find someone to help you deal with the situation. And it is not a bad idea . We all call our best friends whenever we are in any sort of a trouble, right ? Why not now ?

So, wrapping up from now onwards do not escape from the reality, from your emotions, from your messedup situations but let’s pledge together to face it with all the courage that we have. Let’s do this ! Now or never !

I Hope that you guys like this blog. Find it interesting or abit helpful and appreciate my efforts through your comments below . I would love to read them .

Thank you !

Jazak Allah


Asalam o alaikum & Khussh Amdeed! Our specialty in today’s Motivation Menu is


” All what we give is happiness,

Yet all what we lose is trust.

All we want is love,

Yet we forget to embrace ourself only.

So , love yourself first

And don’t forget to embrace yourself .”

-Yemeen Zehra

Save some couple of hours in a day and spend with you and your ownself this year ,

Make out a little time for yourself ,

Feel happy and smile with all your heart ,

Hug yourself tightly ,


Make a cup of coffee and jump onto your bedside ,

Read a book , novel or anything you like (it’s up to you , I’m not forcing you , it’s totally your own choice) and just absorb yourself totally into it , while sipping up the coffee ,

Slowly walk into your balcony and watch the sunset ,

Look how beautiful it looks !

Look how extremely wonderful it feels to see such a ravishing sight !

It feels like heaven on Earth !

Enjoy the sunset but also learn from it that every ending has a new beginning .

Every night have a new morning .

Take a fresh start , start from where you think you lacking , overcome your fears , challenge yourself that you would be much much better this year . And that you won’t giveup easily , you’ll fight , yes ! You’ll fight with your fears from your frights, from your phobias . And that you’ll prove yourself , you’ll prove your capabilities, you’ll prove your worth.

This year welcome yourself for being you , for being yourself . Without any fear or worries of tomorrow .

” We fear death but we don’t live life .”


So now don’t just breath, live each moment , enjoy every moment , go on for adventures and face challenges so that you don’t regret in your old age when you’ve not a single story of your youth enthusiasm and it’s bravery to narrate to your grand children .

This year try to smile without a selfie .

This year be more close to your family apart from social media (snapchat ,twitter etc…)

So this year don’t forget to spend some quality time with yourself .

And to embrace yourself this year .

P.S – Just a small message of love . Hope you guys like it. Do comment your thoughts below in the comment section . I would love to read them. Thank you !

Jazak Allah



Asalam o alaikum & Khussh Amdeed!

Our specialty in today’s Motivation Menu is


What nobody tells you ?
Life is actually a discovery. Discovering new ideas, meeting new people , facing new problems and finding their solutions. Life is experimenting , life is experiencing , life is never ending series of chapters you will have to read whether you want to read it or not . You can not skip those chapters because thats not how life works. You have to read every line, meet every character. You won’t enjoy all of it. Some chapters will even make you cry for weeks. You will read things you do not want to read. And you will also have days when you will not want the pages to end. But you have to keep going. Read and Live yours, do not miss it out.

You all must have read this before

” The real meaning of life is to give life a meaning. “

Because what we all are busy with is all an illusion and desperation of wanting more and more. Better and the best than the others around us but not working for it and appreciating what we already are blessed with. Also not acknowledging what we have achieved till date. We are just busy in giving ourselves just false hopes , busy in our own fictional imagination and impossible luxurious thinking that I wish I could was like something , I wish I had that. I wish I would have done this. I wish if I had this , I would the luckiest person on the planet , I wish…….and the list goes on and on.
But what we forget to realize is the importance of that I am something at my place, at this stage. I am equally important and valuable to myself at my place. That I should be happy with all that I am blessed with and I had achieved through all my hard work till now.


You got to remind yourself about the blessings you already possess. You got to remind yourself about the achievements you had in your past and you will achieve Inshah Allah more in the future with all your efforts. You got to remind yourself how you stood up so strong with yourself and remained at your spot when you were all alone in your hard times. You got to remind yourself about the very few but honestly caring and loving people who were there with you and who are still there with you now in all your situations of life. You got to find the need that kicked your ass so hard that you became unstoppable and continued your hustle to achieve that one passion in you which kept you awake all night.


Realize it today ! Realize it now !

“Life is an ongoing journey of complete imperfections. Hustle, enjoy the process but don’t forget to live.”
-Yemeen Zehra

You do not have any idea of the next step you take and you will never have any idea of it ever. We just have to realize how much valuable our life is now to us. At this point of life. Although there is alot more to come, alot more to see, alot more to achieve, alot more to experience but still it is completely okay.

Wait and Relax ! Breathe and Acknowledge yourself ! Acknowledge your worth at your place. Cherish your living , celebrate your existence. Also continue with your hustle. But Enjoy each moment , make it worth remembering.

Look ! No one had ever achieved or can ever achieve all that they desire for. All that they wished for. But do not be upset . Just focus, work and hustle till you achieve what you desired . Just go , work and make it happen. Go ! Go fast , go forward, go with the flow , go against the tides but just go, go on and on . And most importantly love the process. Enjoy the struggle. Because this is the time you will remember the most. And when you will recall all your hardships and struggles , you will definitely smile on how stupidly serious you have been throughout all this process.

So, from now onwards start with yourself today. Start focusing on improving yourself. Enjoy the process , face every obstacle with all the courage you have. Turn all the negative vibes into positive vibes just with your smile. Start your hustle today ! Because Life is Now !

So wrapping up ! I Hope that you guys like this blog. Find it interesting or abit helpful and appreciate my efforts through your comments below . I would love to read them . Thank you !

Jazak Allah


Asalam o alaikum & Khussh Amdeed!

Our specialty in todays Motivation Menu is


Amazed ! I know many of you when came across this blogs title would have thought for a moment that is everything okay with the author of the this blog ?

Like, When everything around in our society is going through alot of issues and problems , how can someone say or even think for a second that we all are living in positivity ?

Sounds strange ! Right ?
Okay ! Let’s clear this out.

You all must be wondering what did I saw or observed that I decided to write something on this particular topic ? Right ? Actually that is my answer . My observation led me to write on this particular topic about positivity. So Yes ! I observed that currently the 75% of the youth engaged with the social media shared many stories about people commiting suicide and dealing with depression etc .

You know what is the main issue here ?
Look ! When we fail to understand or feel what someone very close to us is going through or when we fail to help the people in need of our help , of our support , of our guidance , of our shoulder. They feel neglected. They feel left out. They feel lonely and they suffer with depression. And some even endup with suicide at times as well. It is not just the loss of some lives , it is such a huge loss as a society. Because a society itself failed in providing it’s members the full faith , confidence , freedom and ensurity of a better and a safer living. Free of bullying and criticism. Which is the basic right of every single member or individual being living in the society. I am also the member of the same society and I feel so disappointed when I see people love bullying and irritating some people because of their profession or something else. In my views I respect every profession and every hardworking professional because I view a person’s potential , his passion , his dedication towards his work and his hardwork as more important than the rest of the other small things , like what sort of a profession is it ?

I know you must be thinking how can we help them without them asking for help or without them showing that they are inneed of our help ?

We all know not everyone is Psychologist or Psychiatrist . But above all we are all human beings. This is the right time to show what is meant by being human. Almighty Allah made us human beings and blessed us with the highest rank of all his creations after the Holy Prophets. He not only blessed us the highest rank above all his creations but also he granted us alot more like emotions , feelings , sympathy , love, devotion , hardwork ,wisdom and much more. We human beings were sent in the world not to just live for ourselves but also to become a support system for our loved ones , for the ones who are inneed of our time , of our help and of our care .

Become a friend and help them get out of this :

We can help them and so we should help them. It is not any kind of a financial help that you guys need to worry about . It is just so simple and easy to become a shoulder for someone in their hard times. They feel so good and lighthearted when you go and listen to a story of a broken heart and when you wipe their tears off running down the cheeks , and just place your hand on their hand and show through your eyes that , “Hey ! You do not need to worry about anything from now , I am here for you . And I will be always there for you.”

Just remember one thing that , We can and we should help them .

We all should spread this chain of positivity everywhere. When we start any good work or good deed with just an idea of helping someone , that it will be beneficial for that particular person or particular work or group then the Almighty bless us with unlimited wonderful blessings that we don’t have any idea about. This initiates a positive impact in our society and in this way the chain of positive actions let us to create a positive change in our society and this positive change eventually led us to a beautiful living in positivity.

This is what is meant by “LIVING IN POSITIVITY.”


Positivity is not an illusion . It was never and it will never be. We people now perceive that it is an illusion. And unless we do not clear our wrong perceptions about positivity we can not live a positive life. I know life is not so simple in these days of technology but it was also not simple in the stone age nor in the industrial age and it will never be as simple or less complicated as it is now. And that is the main reason why people perceive that “Positivity is an Illusion these days.”


We have to just dump our wrong and stupid perceptions about not looking forward to good things for a positive change in our society and just condemn that it is not possible today. It is possible and we can make it possible .Though subtracting our wrongdoings and adding the chain of positive actions and creating a powerful impact in our society.

We can and we will make a powerful and power-packed impact if we input good deeds in our children, in our youth and in our adults to create a positive change in our society. If we start implanting this chain of positive actions and postivity today, we will never face any kind of storm of negativities in future. So, Start today ! Start now ! Spread the word ! Spread Positivity !



We sent our children to schools and hand over them entirely to the school teachers and expect them to teach all the good habits and cover up all the syllabus as soon as possible. But we ourselves as adults do not teach our children these habits . Why ? Because we ourselves as adults do not follow these good habits which includes all the basic good habits like spreading positive vibes. We as individuals should start with ourselves first and then we should teach these habits to our children. Do not think how we should initiate the thinking of positivity , we should just start and just go with the flow. Start with small effective actions and do not force your children to follow on your actions. Just do yourself , because always remember that your children do not listen to you, they watch you and then they adapt your actions by watching you . This way our children will also very willingly follow and soon learn the positivity mantra. So , start now ! Start with yourself today.


Remember when you plan to hangout to somewhere , you never forget to make a checklist. And recheck it before leaving as well. Same you have to do it now. Make a bucket list or checklist and write down the possible and easy to do actions that you do or perform in your everyday life , which is productive and positive too. And just follow the list and try to guide others as well . In this way you can also easily spread the word as well. Some effective positive actions are :

• Pass a smile.

• Meet and Greet, happily and politely.

• Listen to a friend , ask him about his day and how it went ?

• Do not discriminate on any basis. Just respect them and their work and they will feel good.

• Appreciate small small efforts and good initiatives.


Half the job is done now after you have made a bucket list for yourself. I know some of you might have made a long list and some would have just listed few actions in their mind only. Agreed ? I know it seems like a boring task for some. But just think for a while you got something new to give it a try. Something different apart from your daily routine tasks. So do not just make a bucket list and leave it as it is. Make the most out of it. Do at least one positive task daily. The day you start it doing it daily , you will definitely see yourself wanting to do more tasks in a day. This way the chain of positivity proceeds forward.


Do you believe in Karma ? ” What you give is what you get in return.” It even sounds like Newtons 3rd Law of Motion. Which states , “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Simple and clear. What we give is what we get in return . Likewise if our mission is to spread positive vibes then in return we will definitely Inshah Allah receive the same positive impact.


When you have started the chain of positive actions do not stop it at any cause. Just keep moving forward and keep working on it. Keep up the good work. Thats it !


You use social media like consuming daily early morning coffee or a tea. Like too regular , no ! Actually too much regularly. Just sharing your day to day life or any Monday motivation quotes typo. But you do not do a single good deed throughout your whole busy day schedule. Reason ? Because You were too busy . Busy with your work , busy at household chores , busy with studies or tuitions etc. Just excuses and lame excuses and nothing much. I have read somewhere

” Make your day productive instead of making it busy. “


Why making your day busy ? When you can make it meaningful. Make it productive. Make the most out of it. But do not make excuses for being busy. You can even make your routine and your work productive , if you just enjoy what you do and you are happy with that. And your work is in any possible way helping someone somewhere in anything . Use Facebook not just to check in but also to check into positive vibes. Use Snapchat not just to send streaks but also to spread good deeds through it. Use Instagram not just to post pictures of yourself with filters but also to spread good initiatives without filters and faking. So , spread positivity. Spread positive vibes. Start today. Start now.

So wrapping up , I hope you guys like this blog, find it interesting or helpful and appreciate my efforts through your comments below . I would love to read them .

Jazak Allah


Asalam o alaikum & Khussh Amdeed!

Eid e Ghadeer Mubarak to everyone out there. Celebrate this day and make the most out of it. As today is Eid e Ghadeer ( Day of Declaration of Imam Ali (AS) ‘s Leadership ) , so I thought why not share some very meaningful and worth reading sayings of our Imam.

Our specialty in today’s Motivation Menu is


“Your sickness is from you, but you don’t perceive it & your remedy is within you , but you do not sense it. You presume you’re small entity but within you is enfolded entire universe . You are indeed the evident book. By those alphabets the hidden becomes manifest. Therefore you do not need to look beyond yourself. What you seek is within you , if only you reflect.”

– Imam Ali (AS)


” What you seek is within you , if only you reflect.” or

“Find yourself in you .”

Find yourself in you is not just a small quotation. It is what Imam Ali (AS) said, about years ago when people were in search of something that gives them the feeling of contentment and satisfaction that have achieved something , they have. That they already possess in themselves.

As we all want in our lives is constant happiness in varible things but being a variable and then finding out constant happiness and satisfaction is a great deal nowadays.

So, what I did is ? I found myself in me and I succeed in that. You must be thinking what to find in yourself ? Or what is like to find yourself in yourself ?

Confused ? Ok ! Let’s make it clear and easy.

You know your name. You know your family , your belongings , your friends, your likes and dislikes etc.

But , do you know yourself ? The real you ?

That you yourself hide from this world. It is not the secrets that I am talking about .
It is being aware about yourself. About being self awared.


You assume that you know everything about yourself whereas in reality this is not the case at all. Like for example , When you are hurt by someone , when you are ignored by someone , when you feel let down by the negativity around you , when you are in your hard times and you can’t deal with everything properly. Then some sort of a realization hits you so badly and THEN you start to feel and you come to realize then only like just you have got a heart or life to feel, realize or analyze any sort of an emotion . Why ? Why it is like that ?
Do you know the reason ? I tell you. Because you are not self awared about yourself. Because you are not awared of your own feelings, about your own emotions etc.


Because you did not tried to find out you in yourself.

Look ! When you are self awared about yourself then you know that what are the things which affects you the most . You know what will make you happy, content and satisfied. You also know what upsets you as well. And this is not enough, you get to know alot about yourself and you start to take control all over your emotions, both mentally and physically. And you begin to think and analyze through your mind and heart. And work each day to make yourself better internally by controlling your emotional perceptions and thinking as well as , externally when you work them out.


You know a fact that you get through alot of tough times mostly when you have an emotional breakdown . Which eventually at times affects your personal and professional life too. Sometimes one, sometimes both at the same time. Reason ? Your misconception about yourself that you know yourself fully. Whereas you don’t in reality.

Oh ! Come-on , be brave enough to face yourself in reality. And this is reality. You actually don’t know your real self . And that is the reason why you get into troubles and just troubles. Which is why you are quiet stressed out and depressed most of the time.

So, let’s just get to the point and try out finding for some solutions to get through this out .

Let’s get started !



You should know what you can do for yourself for your own betterment within your territories .


You should know, what will be beneficial for you and What will be harmful for you ?


You should have the knowledge abou the direction you chose to walk and be cleared about that in all aspects.


You should be awared about how
precious your time is for you and how
meaningful it is to you ? and how can you make the most out of it ?


Your plan is always yours and you
should be very clear about it. It is not all about being selfish . It is about how you prioritize your present ? and where you want to see yourself in the future ?

These are the only things you need get to know about yourself. If you know the answers to these questions then it means you truly know yourself properly. Then you just need to get to work more on yourself to improve yourself for your own betterment.

Being self awared gives you more confidence to work on yourself , so that you can view yourself through your eyes becoming much more better and polished day by day. But if you wanna see yourself the same each day , doing the same thing , following the same routine , then I am sorry ! You failed to find yourself in you.

If you want constant happiness , you have to work on variable things, you have to answer variable questions , you have fight with variable fights within you , you have to find solutions to variable complications to succeed within yourself. To succeed from your hidden self and some hidden emotions of yours. So , you gotta find yourself from within yourself . Because your goal is to achieve the constant happiness in your life. And I hope that you all achieve the constant happiness that your heart desires and most importantly the constant happiness that you work hard for.

So wrapping up , Hope you guys like this blog, find it interesting or helpful and appreciate my efforts through your comments below . I would love to read them .

Jazak Allah